OPTICAM/OPTICAM Classic is slow to start (Network License)

OPTICAM/OPTICAM Classic is slow to start (Network License)

OPTICAM/OPTICAM Classic is slow to start (Network License)

Please ask your IT to check the CodeMeter server IP/host name in the CodeMeter Control Center's WebAdmin page, on each client. It could be it is looking for another server first, then timing out before finding the correct server. 

Open the CodeMeter Control Panel:
      This is running in the system tray, near the clock or in the Windows Search Bar, look for "CodeMeter Control Panel". 
      Click the "WebAdmin" button.
      Check the Server's IP or hostname is correct for the license server.

In this case above, it is, but you should see a host/IP that matches the server's. It should be at the top of the search like - use the "up" arrow that appears to move it to the top.

After ensuring it is correct, to test it is accessible, select it here:

      ... you may need to “Use IP-Address”. Then, you’ll see the options on the license here:

Launch OPTICAM/OPTICAM Classic to see if it loads faster.


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