Using a CodeMeter network license in a Virtualized Server Environment

Using a CodeMeter network license in a Virtualized Server Environment


Certain end-users will want to share their CodeMeter licenced-OPTICAM software across a network/enterprise. This is possible using an optional network license that "floats" the software on the LAN. The license can serve just one seat or "x" seats - and will be allocated to clients on the network on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the number of licensed seats reaches the maximum allocated, the software (OPTICAM) will not start.

The default environment for the deployment of the licence is to connect the physical dongle/security key to a "server" via USB. This "server" can be a proper Windows Server or any PC on the network. As long as it is accessible and powered on (and secure from the aspect of the dongle being easily removed), this is the starting point.

Virtual Server Environments

Some larger OEMs and manufacturers prefer to have virtual servers acting as file servers, for various reasons (backup, fault-tolerance, cost etc.). This means the "server" isn't just one physical PC, but and instance of a server OS - normally running with many other instances on equipment in a data centre etc. Because it is an instance, it is very quick to deploy and backup/restore as needed, but it doesn't have its "own" hardware, such as a USB port of its own, only optional access to the ones on the equipment it is virtualised on. Given this, it is generally not possible to connect the OPTICAM dongle to the hardware the instance if running on, because of several factors, including access and accessibility (the equipment could be hundreds or thousands of miles away in The Cloud).


OPTICAM cannot be licenced for a network floating seats unless it has a physical dongle. This is because hardware-locked virtual PC alternatives are easy to duplicate and the license agreement will be invalidated.

The solution is to add a Network USB hub to the local LAN environment and set the Virtual Server (wherever it is) to connect to the USB ports of the hub. Products such as AnywhereUSB ( ) can facilitate this. The Anywhere USB software is installed on the virtual server and the USB ports on the USB hub are captured by the server as if the ports were actually physically available. The OPTICAM dongle is plugged safely into the hub, at a secure location in the client's facility. As long as the server is online and accessible from the LAN and the server can connect to the USB network hub, the software will be licenced as if there was a physical server in the same facility.

It is generally necessary to get the assistance of an IT professional to configure this solution.

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